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Awesome colorful fashion photography

Posted by MachosMag in Pictures August 29, 2011 / 4374 views

Tags: art, nature

While some people might find these stylized fashion photographs a bit overwhelming, I think they are truly amazing visual masterpieces. The color concoctions, contrasting environments, dazzling outfits and painstakingly detailed scenes evoke thoughts of another world, one filled with an imaginary reality come to life. The models also play a vital role in being able to pull off these magical photos, but the extensive and colorful make up enables them to appear almost otherworldly. Their eyes jump out at me and bore into my head.


There are three photographers who took these photos, one man Fomkin Konstantin and two women Kiko Murakami and Kirsty Mitchell. They all have their own distinct styles, but are all challenging the status quo by pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a photographer and how much a single photograph can convey. It seems that whether you quickly snap a photo without any previous planning or staging, or do the complete opposite, as they photographers have done, you can create something special. Some of the photos seem to capture a moment in time that can likely never be created again, but with the power of the lens is able to be seen again and again into the future.


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