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Badass Female Cops and Gorgeous Women Dressed In Police Uniforms

Posted by MachosMag in Girls, Pictures August 03, 2011 / 67218 views

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There is something about a woman in a cop’s uniform that is incredibly titillating, especially when she tries to act tough. This collection of sexy ladies wearing tight fitting police uniforms and actual female police officers will give you a whole new outlook on protecting and serving.

Think about what cops have to have on their person at all times: a gun, handcuffs, baton and other fun stuff. If a chick swinging a baton doesn’t get your engine going then I don’t know what will. However, it is a bit strange to see an entire group of women only cops, especially if they are all on horseback. Those breaking the law wouldn’t know whether to run or stop and stare.

The next time you see a female police officer, let her know how much you appreciate her service and how she’s working that outfit.


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