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Nyotaimori: Eating Food Off Naked Women

Posted by MachosMag in Girls, Pictures August 11, 2011 / 29008 views

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In Japan, they tend to do some things a little bit differently, including how they have a meal. In this video you can see some German’s partaking of this Japanese tradition called “Nyotaimori” or “body sushi.”

Sashimi or sushi is placed all over the naked woman’s body to be slowly picked off by hungry patrons. The model must remain very still, which not surprisingly takes time to master through a certain amount of training and practice. In addition, she must be able to withstand the cold food placed all over her nude body. Some countries have banned the practice, such as China, while others have instituted laws that require the model to place some sort of material in between her flesh and the food.

Would you eat food off of a naked woman and would you feel guilty doing it? Do you think the model being degraded by essentially taking the place of a giant serving platter?


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