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The 10 most extreme and unusual sexual fetishes

Posted by MachosMag in News August 29, 2011 / 32459 views

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It truly does take all kinds to make a world, including ten different and weird sexual fetishes. If you thought you had weird sexual interests wait until you read about these.


1) Furry Fetish – This fetish derives from people interested in humans that dress up like animals, specifically animal suits. These anthropomorphic animal lovers enjoy rubbing up against the suits and simply looking.


2) Teratophilia – A creepy fetish focused on people with deformities, such as amputated legs. In other words, don’t feel too sorry for a person without legs because they just might be getting plenty of sexual healing.


3) Urolagnia – Often referred to as “golden showers” or “watersports’ in the adult market, this fetish refers to people that enjoy watching others urinate or seeing people be urinated on. Needless to say, it’s not something that most people admit to.


4) Emetophilia – As if Urolagnia were not unappetizing enough, Emetophilia jumps ahead as the most disgusting. This fetish refers to vomit and people who get turned on by watching others vomit. These are the only people who actually get excited when they are about to vomit.


5) A Bloody Fetish – Simply put, the more blood the better for these people. They love to watch a person bleed, especially if the bleeder is naked. While there is a thriving blood fetish community, they usually stay away from the spotlight as this fetish is understandably frowned upon. Razor blades are typically used to bleed somebody.


6) Coprophilia – Taking the spot as the most grotesque fetish imaginable is Coprophilia, or people who like to watch defecation. Feces is their thing, especially if it lands on another involved party.


7) Crush Fetish – As is made obvious by this fetsh’s name, these people love to see things crushed, specifically insects or small animals. Strangely enough, crushing lifeless or inanimate objects, such as fruit or toys, also qualifies for this fetish. The legality varies from country to country, but it is not legal in the UK or the United States.


8) Klismaphilia – Enemas are the focus for this booty-stimulating fetish that usually has heterosexual men giving the enema to his female partner. There is enough interest that an adult niche is dedicated to it.


9) Necrophilia – One of the more recognizable fetishes is the creepiest, having sex with a human corpse. Amazingly, there is no current federal US law to prohibit this activity.


10) Omorashi – A Japanese born fetish that involves watching a person with a full bladder pee their pants. Not only do Omorashi enthusiasts want to see a woman pee in her pants, but she also must be embarrassed.


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